Samoan Fire Knives Available for Purchase!

Samoan Fire Knives Available for Purchase!

18 Time Samoan Fire Knife Dancer, Mikaele Oloa, is now making a name for himself through the very thing that has allowed him to travel around the world -- his fire knives!

He will be handcrafting the many different types of Samoan Fire Knives and Accessories and making them available for purchase so that others can also spread their love of the art. These knives are made to meet competition regulations and can be used for competition, shows or even art displays.

Some of his products include:

     1.) Single Knives (adults and children)
     2.) Double Knives (adults and children)
     3.) Taupou Knives
     4.) Boards and Donuts used for the fire knives

Currently, these products are only available through direct contact only. Please contact Mikaele Oloa directly for shopping inquiries at