Pop Up Shop at the World Fire Knife Dance Championship

Pop Up Shop at the World Fire Knife Dance Championship

The 2017 Edition Mauga Mu Jerseys were a hit at this year's World Fire Knife Dance Championships at the Polynesian Cultural Center in La`ie, HI. The jerseys are actually a t-shirt made from a thin mesh material making it not only a great fit, but also breathable and comfortable on the hot days in Hawaii. The design is a free hand drawing done by Mikaele Oloa himself-- 5 time world champion and Mauga Mu coach.

We are completely sold out in the adult mesh tees; however, we will be putting up the
children's tees soon. As soon as we get our new shipment in, we will be offering the jerseys online. If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

The competition also marked the official debut of Toa Couture, a line by Salamasina Oloa. Her first two pieces are a dress and a pencil skirt featuring the Samoan Malu which is a traditional Samoan tattoo worn only by the women. These pieces are now available for purchase online in our dresses and skirts sections.

Our popular leggings have also sold out and are currently only available online.

Other items we offer in our pop up shops include:
Phone covers, cosmetic bags, fans, flower hair pics, jewelry, fire knives, taupou (princess) knives.