About Us


"I'm on a mission to elevate Polynesian representation on the global stage by seamlessly blending the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands with cutting-edge design in fitness apparel and art. Through my commitment to authenticity, creativity, and inclusivity, I strive to empower individuals to embrace their cultural identity while promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. I believe that every piece of apparel and artwork provides an avenue for cultural expression, fostering pride, unity, and recognition. Join me on this journey as I bridge the gap between art, fitness, and Polynesian heritage, creating a vibrant tapestry that resonates worldwide."



It all started with a thought! As the popularity of dance class videos began to rise on social media, Charlene noticed that many dancers truly embraced fashion as a way to express their identity and to also stand out when dancing in a huge group. She then thought, why not make it Polynesian? This was the perfect way to tie all of her passions together: dressing dancers, her love of art, a new bold way to express, and promoting fitness in the community.

She took a small box of tank tops with the design "Fa'arapu on Fleek," to an Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance) competition in Oahu, HI. When she completely sold out with more inquiries on the way, she knew she was on the right track!