About Us


ShopKalenas.com is a retail extension of Kalena’s Polynesian ‘Ohana, LLC--a Polynesian Dance and Entertainment Company founded in Waialua, HI.

Our online retail boutique features the apparel from Kolila Beast Clothing, Toa Couture, Mauga Mu, and Kalena's Polynesian 'Ohana.

The dance school competed throughout the United States from Samoa, Hawaii, to California and all the way to Florida! The family always ran a vendor booth at luaus, random events and dance competitions, but in 2015, daughters Natalie-Rose Oloa and Charlene Oloa wanted to try something different. As most girls do, they shop. There were clothes for the surfers, the yogis, you name it; but where were the clothes for the Polynesian dancer? They decided to design a tank that said, “Fa’arapu Game on Fleek,” and debut it at a Tahitian dance competition in July of that year. What happened? They sold out in just a few hours! They decided to make a bigger order of tanks and show them at another Tahitian dance competition and sold out yet again! ShopKalenas.com was born! 

Now with their siblings involved in the process they decided to incorporate the styles of each person representing a different brand:

Kolila Beast Clothing – founded and owned by Charlene Oloa. She focuses on active wear with an urban style that can be worn by the Polynesian dancer, a Polynesian cultural enthusiast and fitness geeks from all walks of life.

 Toa Couture – founded and owned by Salamasina Oloa. Her main focus is to provide a “classy” style with influences strong in the Samoan Culture.

Mauga Mu – founded and Isitolo with his son Mikaele Oloa as the main content designer. Mauga Mu is THE MOST DECORATED Samoan Fire Knife Dance School in the World. Mikaele himself is a 5-Time World Fire Knife Championship and holds multiple records in the craft.

Kalena's Polynesian 'Ohana – our humble origins. Kalena’s Polynesian ‘Ohana was founded by Evelyn and Isitolo Oloa in the 1980’s and still continues to teach the Polynesian culture and provide Polynesian Entertainment throughout Florida and Hawaii.

ShopKalenas.com is a retail extension of Kalena’s Polynesian ‘Ohana, LLC.

Our other services include:
- Luau Entertainment
- Polynesian Dance Classes
- Samoan Fire Knife Training
- Food Vending
- Retail

For more information on Kalena’s Polynesian ‘Ohana, visit us online at http://www.kpohana.com.